About Us

Why did I decide to start selling CBD online?

A couple of years ago I started suffering from migraines and crippling menstrual cramps.  The doctor gave me some migraine meds, and there wasn’t much that I could do for the cramps other than taking a lot of Midol or Advil.

I had heard about CBD but didn’t know much about it. I had been on a trip to Colorado visiting my dad when I decided to head to a local dispensary and pick up some CBD. I began to use it for both ailments and was presently surprised as to how well it worked without any side effects like nausea. While using it, I also noticed that my anxiety improved at the same time. During stressful days at work I started taking a small dose of CBD and it helped to take the edge off a little without making me sleepy or slowing me down during the work day.

In addition to how CBD has helped me, I want to spread the word about CBD to help to combat the opioid epidemic. CBD can be an effective tool in treating ailments or disorders in which narcotics or other heavy pharmaceuticals would be prescribed. CBD works without making the user high, nasty side effects, or addiction.